Current Projects

August 21st, 2021

An immersive theatre experience at Wyck Historic House, Garden and Farm in Germantown, Philadelphia

WYCK LIVE! was an immersive experience combining elements of theatre, dance, live music, and visual art. Nearly 200 audience members encountered characters and installations throughout Wyck’s beautiful grounds. Each area of Wyck offered its own stories to engage with, and no two audience members saw the same performance. 

Not a historical reenactment – WYCK LIVE! overflowed with original characters, stories and theatrical moments inspired by history, nature, and a joyful sense of wonder. 

This immersive theatrical event at Wyck was a fantastical offering to our Germantown community and an opportunity for our neighbors to develop a personal, intimate relationship with this special historical landmark right in their backyards.

Created by theatre artists Kyle Metzger and Ryan Pater, this production was devised on site through a series of community workshops and developed with performers from the Pig Iron School at the University of the Arts and the Philadelphia theater community at large.

This production was made possible with funding from the City of Philadelphia Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy and the Young Friends of Wyck.